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Rocco Deluca & The Burden // I Trust you to Kill Me

These Arms of Mine
Otis Redding

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Otis Redding — These Arms of Mine

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Duke Robillard and Monster Mike playing Mike’s instrumental “Stapled to the Chicken’s Back”. Albert Collins influenced instrumental shuffle (Live)

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[“Rumble" is an influential[1]rock instrumental by Link Wray & His Ray Men. Originally released in 1958, “Rumble” utilized then largely unexplored techniques like distortion and feedback. The piece is one of very few instrumental singles banned from the radio airwaves.[2] It is also described as the first tune to use the power chord,[3] the “major modus operandi of [the] modern rock guitarist”.[1] This being in spite of the fact that every chord played in the song is a full major chord and therefore not a Power Chord.][via WIKIPEDIA]

FUCK YEAH love me some Link Wray. 

This is one of Jimmy Page’s favorite songs of all time and greatly influenced his early career. This year Link is up for inclusion into the Rock and Roll hall of fame.


wait … we have another record store day this year?!

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wait … we have another record store day this year?!

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Gary Clark Jr. // Numb

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Howlin’ Wolf - Spoonful

Howlin’ Wolf will always warm my heart.

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Got my mojo working’ - Muddy Waters

The Thrill is Gone
B.B. King
Completely Well

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B.B. King - The Thrill is Gone